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About us

We are:

We are PJB Germany, an association of various offers!
Our fields of activity range from management to aviation.

PJB Germany is an association of over 5 NGOs from Germany. The association ensures simplified organizational processes, which reduces costs and increases efficiency. No PJB part acts as such independently. Our customers include well-known service and trading companies, public institutions, interest groups, industry, trade, construction, etc.

Why PJB?

The number of products and possibilities in our fields is becoming increasingly unmanageable. Many companies only use a part of their actual potential because the optimal support is missing. With our specialized knowledge and in cooperation with your know-how in the respective industry, we can determine the perfect solution.
Use your potential and increase your productivity!

What is important to PJB?

High qualification
means for us to have an overview of all established and new possibilities as well as to know and use the practically relevant details. To achieve this, we constantly train ourselves in various training courses.

Good service
does not only mean friendliness, but also partnership. We attach great importance to reliability and fast response, especially when time is critical.


Beginnings in 2014

The foundation of the first PJB part can be traced back to the year 2014: The Detective agency B&B!


What we now call PJB was formed in 2017 when the Detective agency B&B merged with BlitzFix Board Wipe Services and PJB Transport Services under the name PJB Holding Group.


With the foundation of PJB Eventmanagement and LVL Sales Management in 2018, PJB grew bigger and bigger.


In June 2019, BlitzFix Board Wipe Services was closed as a result of market fluctuations. In the same period, PJB information technology services (PJB IT for short) was added, which has since developed into a major pillar of PJB.
In September, PJB Transport Services was also closed due to steadily declining sales, and relatively simultaneously the new PrickFilm division was opened.

On October 15th the PJB Holding Group was renamed PJB Germany.

On November 1, PJB Aviation was founded, the newest part of PJB. PJB Aviation will take care of aerial photography and surveillance services in cooperation with PrickFilm.

PJB over time:

Department nameOriginal namePeriod
Detective agency B&BDetektei B&BFeb. 2014 until today
PJB Transport ServicesPJB TransportserviceMar. 2015 to Sep. 2019
BlitzFix Board Wipe ServicesBlitzFix TafelwischMay 2016 to Jun. 2019
PJB EventmanagementPJB EventmanagementAug. 2018 until today
LVL Sales ManagementLVL VertriebsmanagementOct. 2018 until today
PJB ITPJB ITJul. 2019 until today
PrickFilmPrickFilmSep. 2019 until today
PJB AviationPJB LuftfahrtNov. 2019 until today
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